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37,500 ETH


BARTVault enables artists and art owners to protect their art through encrypted ‘Provenance Tokens’ on the blockchain. The Tokens prevent altering of vital information of art assets and their chain of custody, both necessary to protect their value. The system further enables frictionless P2P transactions using smart contracts that govern terms and conditions. BARTVault, with its underlying features of a 'trust protocol', cryptography and immutable global distributed ledger tracks the movement of the asset throughout its life – providing a complete 'chaîne de garde pour Toujours' (chain of custody for ever) to significantly reduce the incidents of forgery in art commerce.



This is the basic Token in the BARTVault system and will be on sale at the ICO. The name ARISTON is derived from Greek word ‘Aristos’ which means "best and most excellent." The ARISTON represents a medium of exchange in the Platform and will be at the heart of BARTVault’s ecosystem enabling to federate a strong Art Community incentivized to use ARTZ’s. The token gives a concrete and an essential utility for all stakeholders with its numerous uses on the platform that facilitate a robust ‘token economy’ with incentive mechanisms.


The Asset Provenance Token (PROVENIR)

Each Art asset in the Platform can only have one PROVINER Token registered on the Blockchain in order to uniquely identify the asset and prevent from forgery and misuse. This token confirms the identity of the asset along with its authenticity, location and condition. The token will remain on the Blockchain forever (Toujours) with an immutable ‘chain of custody’ record. A user holding the Provenir Token will be the owner of the underlying art asset and will have all ownership rights and privileges linked to that art asset.



The Token owner encodes usage rights and permissions to the art asset in the PDT. Provenir derivative tokens are linked to specific PROVENIR Tokens and represent and grant rights to create derivative works (such as a specific number of prints, copies, or other use rights provided in the PDT). Each PROVENIR can have multiple PDT’s outstanding – that is for any single PROVENIR there can exist a number of PDT’s – each with varying permissions.


BARTVault Platform Features

1 Multicurrency Acceptance

The BARTVault platform accepts all currencies including Fiat currencies. The choice of currency is not an obstacle and anyone can participate in the BARTVault ecosystem.

2 Tokens for Art Assets

Provenir Tokens are encrypted ‘Provenance certificates’ and are an alternative to the `exhaustive paper trail traditionally used to prove the authenticity and ownership of art.

3 Smart Contracts

Transactions related to permanent or temporary transfer of custody and/or ownership of the Provenir Tokens are governed by escrow smart contracts that record all events in the life cycle of an art.

4 Token for Derivatives

The Provenir derivatives token (PDT) encodes usage rights and permissions to the art asset. Multiple PDT’s can be created by the art owner granting varying use permissions.

5Arbitration and Claim of Ownership

The arbitration feature resolves conflicts regarding claims of ownership in addition to any issues related to terms of contracts. The arbitration algorithm selects arbiters and the outcome is decided by a majority of votes.

6 Open API for ‘connected market’

The BART API provides a bridge to enable trust and reputation exchange with other external art commerce platforms, partners, and agencies with an interest in expanding the art market globally.

Token Sale


Token Symbol: ARISTON
Token Symbol: ARTZ
Token Type: ERC20
ARISTON: 700,000,000 (700 Million)
Minimum Sending Amount: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Sending Amount: 25 ETH
ICO Token Price (ETH): 1 ARTZ = 0.0000125 ETH
Minimum Goal: 5000 ETH
Maximum Goal: 37,500 ETH
Purchase Methods Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Tokens available in PRE-Sale: 14,000,000 ARTZ
Bonus in PRE-Sale ICO: 40% ARTZ
PRE SALE ENDS IN: May 3, 2018
PRE ICO STARTS IN: May 3, 2018
PRE ICO ENDS IN: Jun 3, 2018
Main ICO Starts: Jun 3, 2018
Main ICO Ends: Jul 15, 2018


Public Allocation 50%

Founders, Management & Investor 15%

BARTVault Developer Team 13%

Advisors and Early Supporters 3%

Bounty Program: 5%

Reserve Allocation 14%

FUNDS Allocation

Research & Development 40%

Marketing & Sales 25%

Admin & Operations 17%

Legal & Compliance 6%

Contingency 12%


  1. Launching the token pre-sale.
    Launch of token crowdsale (ICO) and listing on a top exchange.
  2. Release of BARTVault features to enable art owners to register and upload art.
  3. Release of Beta BART/APIs for partner services network- Print, Photo labs, Framing, Storage services. Implementing the mechanisms of arbitration.
  4. Implementation of additional smart contract features of (a) leasing art for a specific period of time (b) purchasing artwork on an 'installment plan'. Implementation of community governance mechanisms.
  5. Implementation of additional smart contract features: (a) enabling a group of people to own shares in art on a ‘timeshare’ basis (b) implement Shares in Art (SIA) features to Provenir Tokens.
  6. Release of Beta of ‘Enhancements Framework’ to our Technology Platform to test transition of appropriate fully decentralized services managed and operated by the BARTVault user community.
  7. Release of Reputation portability to allow experts / appraisers and other participants to certify their BARTVault reputation to other services using Blockchain technology
  8. Mobile Blockchain applications with Decentralized exchanges (subject to successful launch of projects such as EtherDelta, EthFinex, Lykke, OmiseGo, KyberNetwork, VariabL etc.)

Meet Our team

Team member image

Aurangzeb (Zeb) Bhatti

Co-Founder and CTO

Team member image

Jay Nawaz

Co-Founder & CEO

Team member image

Dan Madoni

Sr. Software Architect

Team member image

Ejaz Anwer

Sr. Software Developer

Team member image

Lisa Neely

Training & Curriculum Development

Team member image

Leah Dineen

Project Manager

Team member image

Abdullah Ahmed

Mobile Applications Lead

Team member image

Muhammad Awais Chughtai

Platform Development Lead

Team member image

Charles Miedzinski

Sr. Software Architect

Team member image

Mudaser Iqbal

Blockchain Consultant

Team member image

Waqar Ahmed

Financial Analyst

Team member image

Junaid Mushtaq

Blockchain Developer

Meet Our Advisors

Team member image

Bert-Ola Bergstrand


Team member image

Antoinette Matlins


Team member image

Noreen Khan

Finance Advisor

Team member image

Robin Kennedy


Team member image

Mr. Naveed Malik


Team member image

Sarah Hameed


Team member image

Mary Ann Burns

Marketing Professional

Team member image

Kathryn Bonanno

AntiQuorom Founder, (USA)

Team member image

Hilda Khurram

S & L International

Team member image

Roger Boman


Team member image

Doug Cabell

Director of Network Engineering, Badu NW

Team member image

Jennifer-Lynn Archuleta

Editor, Gems & Gemology at GIA

Team member image

Saeed Akhtar



You will need to create an account on Blockchain Art Toujours Platform (BART Platform). You will be able to buy Tokens in the Member Dashboard using multiple payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH.
No! Please DO NOT send Ether from any exchange wallet (such as Coinbase) as you may not be able to receive your tokens. You will lose your tokens forever if you send Ether from an Exchange. The ARISTON tokens are ERC20 compatible tokens thus you shall first ensure that you own an ERC20 compatible Wallet for ARISTON tokens or else you might lose the access to the ARISTON tokens. Both MetaMask and MyEtherWallet are ERC20 compatible as are many others.
Ariston is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored in many different Ethereum based wallets. We recommend using MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or Mist. Mist Wallet requires that you run a local node of the Ethereum Blockchain. If you are not technically trained and are not familiar with running an Ethereum Node, it is suggested that you use MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. If you need assistance in creating any of these Wallets, you can visit the following links: For Metamask: For MyEtherWallet: There are also many videos on Youtube that can help you understand the Wallet creation process. We do not endorse any specific Video but we have found a variety of them very helpful.
If the minimum goal is not met, refunds will be issued via the smart-contract.
Yes, 5% of the Ariston Tokens (2.5 Million Ariston) have been allocated to our bounty campaign.
No. USA citizens and residents CAN NOT participate in Ariston token sale. The only exception is accredited investors who participate in the Private Sale. This is due to excessive regulatory risks from SEC (US Security and Exchange Commission). BART ICO team and advisory may receive ARISTON.Tokens as compensation for their work and contribution but cannot participate in Token Sales if they are US Citizens or residents
People from the following countries CAN NOT participate in the public token sale: United States of America (except for accredited investors participating in Private Sale), People’s Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), South Korea, North Korea and Japan.
Ariston is the Utility Token based on Ethereum blockchain. It is NOT a Security Token. Token holder will not receive any profit sharing, dividends or equity in the company.
Public addresses - such as the “Current Address” displayed on wallet screen in text form (and in most wallets also in both QR and text) - can only be used to receive funds. Public address is what you share with the other party in a transaction. If someone knows the Public Address of your main wallet, they would not be able to remove any funds associated with that address. To remove funds from a wallet, they need the ‘Private Key’ associated with that address. Private keys “sign” the transaction; without that digital signature, the sender can’t “prove” they control the address associated with those funds, and no transaction will take place. Unlike public addresses, ‘Private keys’ should NOT be shared with third parties unless you want to grant them access to remove funds (e.g. a family member or trusted friend).If you lose your Private Key and/or Password you will no longer be able to access your wallet and ARISTON tokens and thus you will lose all you tokens permanently.
Our first job is to protect ARISTON Token buyers from scammers. Here are a few tips for our Token Buyers: Set a ‘bookmark’ to our site. Please TYPE the URL in full and then create the ‘bookmark’. Don’t click on links as the link could be a fake site.